Saturday, September 19, 2020

Public reactions to Emily Ratajkowski’s nudes and Paris Hilton’s leaked tape versus Chris Evans' social media exposure

So, Chris Evans had a nude pic leak on his Instagram stories. One of the higher profiles celebrity pic leaks in recent memories. This isn't some smoking hot actress but it is Captain America! He didn't crop out his camera roll. So, oops there it is - America's penis! Now a lot of other celebs and media folks are saying there's a double standard. I mean, look what Buzzfeed news says about the Chris Evans penis leak - 

 Emily Ratajkowski, Chris Evans, And The Nude Photo Double Standard - 
 Buzzfeed says this says a lot about misogny. Maybe? What do you think? If you want to read the Buzzfeed article, check it out here - 

 Now some other sexy celebs were saying it was great how twitter fans reacted to the leak of Chris Evans penis pics. Kat Dennings said it was cool how everyone tried to turn this into something wholesome* but, you know, maybe treat women the same way. Because apparently all these celebrity women were very traumatized and hurt by their leaked pictures and videos. I mean, just because you are a celebrity doesn't mean you don't deserve some privacy, right? 

Paris hilton is an interesting case since she profited off her exposure, as did her friend Kim Kardashian. A lot of these leaks are a little suspicious when they result in commercially available videos. Don't they have to sign off on those? 

There is a big difference if you talk about "The fappening" where leaked pictures of nude celebrities were hacked and stolen. Chris Evans accidentally posted his own nudes, so it wasn't a hack *A lot of fans came to the rescue, using trending Chris Evans nude leak hashtags to post more wholesome pics, like pics of cute pets or Chris fully clothed looking handsome

Well, that's the latest in Celeb Leak News. What do you think? Where does this rank in the celeb leak rankings?

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